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Billy The Guitar Tech

About me...


Hey, you guessed it, I'm Billy ...

or Bill or William or ... Mack or Buddy ... or

Hey YOU! 

Anyway, I'm a guitar tech and hopefully I can help with some of your guitar's needs!


For Guitars:

Here's the work we can do -

Restringing, Setups & Tuning, Fret-work, Repairs and Clean-up for most Acoustic and Electric Guitars!

Pedalboard Suggestions & Setups.


Most Guitarists are so busy these days -

Whether practicing, in the studio, on tour, or just hangin' out at the local music store ...

I can help with most of your guitar servicing needs.

If not, I probably know someone who can.

Call me during my business hours to set up an appointment.

Remember to keep practicing and change strings often!!


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